How to choose the anky dressage saddle that will fit your horse

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If you want to study dressage art, then you should start by learning about quality dressage saddle with necessary equipment which can enhance the performance and comfort of a horse. The dressage saddle had been designed to be free on the shoulder of the horse to ensure better flexibility. The deep seat will increase the security of the rider and the straight leg panel will increase the productivity for the leg aids. The quality dressage makes attractive and durable addition of the equipment locker of the rider.

When buying the anky dressage saddle, you should consider the fit before anything else. The quality saddle should fit the horse in a comfortable way without having to pinch or chaff him but at the same time, it should leave enough space on the seat of the rider. A horse is measured when it stands at the same level at the ground. A saddle’s nail when it is resting on the back of the horse, it has to be three fingers distance starting from the edge of the shoulder of the horse.  The seat bones and the width of the pelvic of the rider can determine the seat size of a saddle while length of the flap has to catch its top with the boot without hanging lower than a mid calf when foot of the rider is put into the irons. The makers of the saddle put the saddle in different classes such as long, standard and short.  The standard flaps does measure 16 up to 18 inches starting from the safety bar of the saddle and to reach to the bottom of its flap.

Dressage saddle has to be durable and should be made using quality materials.  Even if many riders may choose to buy the traditional leather saddle if they want to be in traditional show ring, there are still synthetic-made and bright luster saddles that can be both attractive and less expensive. They are also easier to be cared for. Rider sometime may decide to buy a used anky dressage saddle. People who are buying a used saddle, they should keep in mind some factors. The girth strap has to be whole and to appear stitched without being frayed and worn out. When the stirrup leather is included, then it has to be in the best condition but it should not be stretched out. A safety bar  at the leather hang has to move without any obstacle.

If you decide to buy the anky dressage saddle online, you should know first about your measurements and these of the horse if you want to get the right fit. After having these measurements, you can log into the website of the seller and then browse the saddles they have taking into account there are many categories. When you have found the dressage saddle in terms of size, color and style, then you can buy it. Always buy from a reputable seller and ask anything you do not understand before buying. It is also good to buy from a seller with a return policy in case the saddle does not fit.