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The American Roadster™ by Eco-Fueler Is The Most Revolutionary Vehicle Since The Model A Ford.


Technology developed over the last 9 years by a team of American engineers, is now ready for the public.

  • 70 mpg
  • 700 miles for $7.00 (Drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco for about $4.00)
  • 0 to 60 in 5 seconds
  • Runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

The Roadster is a 70 mile per gallon vehicle that runs on compressed natural gas which costs you only 62¢ to 92¢ per gallon (compared to the ever escalating gasoline that is forecast to go above $3.00 per gallon). And now the Federal Government has given automakers 3 more years to raise the economy performance of vehicles only 3 miles per gallon!

How many people do you know who would rather pay $3.00 to $4.00 for a gallon of gasoline and get maybe 20 miles to the gallon, … or pay 80 to 90 cents for a gallon of Natural Gas instead and get 65 to 70 miles per gallon???

PLUS get Federal and State Tax credits for using Natural Gas Fuel and purchasing Alternative Fueled Vehicles.

The very first Eco-Fueler Roadster is in production as we speak and will be on the road in only a few weeks! Of course one of the most important points about this vehicle is that a natural gas fueling compressor will be included at no additional charge.

Our Roadster is the only truly “Green” car that we know of today because:

  1. It gets 70 miles per gallon of fuel.
  2. it uses compressed natural gas that is made in the USA and has the lowest pollution emission of ANY other fuel available today.
  3. It is suitable for use as a commuter vehicle.

Dealership and Sales Rep Positions Are Open NOW!

This opportunity to sell is NOW. We will give you complete training and provide you with the tools and supplies that you need in order to get up and running selling for us.

Eco-Fueler Corporation is currently filling over 1,000 Sales Representative and Sales Representative Plus Partner positions throughout the entire United States . These positions will give you the opportunity to begin selling NOW.

For a person who would like to be involved in a sales career, Eco-Fueler Corporation can give complete flexibility and can provide an income that is practically unlimited.

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